Richard Wiens

Richard Wiens

President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard experienced success early on in his career, making a name for himself in the areas of oil exploration, home building, and real estate development. He founded RHW Hotels, Inc. in 1983 upon being one of the first franchisees to pioneer the new, all-suite, extended-stay hotel concept called the Residence Inn. Since then, Richard has established a well-known reputation for being a successful innovator in the development and management of many high profile hotel brands within corporations such as Marriott and Hilton.

Richard knows that keeping up with the barrage of information in this timely industry is crucial. When he’s not overseeing company operations, you’ll quite often find him behind an industry report or trade magazine monitoring the current business and economic climate. His personal ambition and enthusiasm inspire the staff to succeed every day and drive him to maintain the company’s status as the leader in the industry.

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