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The Beginnings of RHW


RHW had its birth during the Great American Oil Boom of the late 1970’s. Richard H. Wiens and some old friends formed a small oil company in 1977 to drill one well. They ended up with a dry hole. Being adventurous, they decide to try one more time. They obtained an equity investor from California. While they were drilling the second hole, the investor announced he was “not in the deal.” It was suddenly do-or-die time.


Lady Luck was smiling that day. The well was a hit! (And what a nice one it was.) Since the equity investor had bailed out, the partners become the sole owners.


This start launched the oil company into business just about the time oil started its dramatic climb. The oil company went on to discover one of the top producing oil fields in the state of Kansas.


When oil was at its peak price, the partners decided to sell out. Richard decided to keep a portion of his production and exchange the balance for Kansas City real estate property.


In 1983, Richard teamed up with his double cousin to form RHW Development, Inc., a company that developed apartment complexes. While formulating their business plan, they discovered Brock Residence Inns and decided this new hotel concept would make a better investment than apartments.


After the success of building their first hotel, they became convinced that they should turn away from real estate investing toward the building of a hotel company. As the company grew, it became necessary to divide it into three different entities:


RHW Development, Inc. (to develop hotels)

RHW Construction, Inc. (to build hotels)

RHW Management, Inc. (to manage hotels)


Presently, there are two entities to RHW:


RHW Development and Construction Services, Inc. (development and building of hotels)

RHW Management, Inc. (management of hotels)